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The MZIAIF Christian Film Festival is an outreach sub-arm of the MZIAIF designated to provide the needed global engagement to encourage film makers to tell stories that will preach the message of Christ without any discrimination. We also provide the forum for training, support, development and networking during the Film Festival. While we provide film ministry support to members of MZIAIF, the outreach also extends to anyone and everyone globally who are passionate about preaching Christ through faith and family films and other media projects.

To commence this vision, we engaged global members of MZIAIF in January 2021 with a trial 6- day Film Festival which was only meant for MZIAIF Members. We had 85 submissions of movies within several categories ranging from Full length feature films, short films, animation, promos, spoken words to children’s productions. It was quite massive and great fun. Consequently, we officially announced our first official international film festival for October 4 Days, Oct. 20th to 23rd 2021. The 2021 film festival was a huge and massive gathering of film makers from over 60 countries with over 450 film submissions in several categories from over 70 countries. See more information about MZIAIF_ICFF 2021 on the previous film festival page on this website.

This year 2024, the film festival will be another international gathering of film makers to share, brainstorm, learn, network and pitch their work and talents, demonstrating the love of Christ and joining hand in hands to help each other become relevant in what we all love to do. Oct 15th to Oct 19th 2024 at The King’s Palace Auditorium, 5371 East 5th Street, Katy Texas, TX 77493.

WORKSHOP sessions focusing on high-interest areas needed for film makers at any level of growth.
PITCH ROOMS for distribution and marketing connection where new film projects, screenplays and/or upcoming projects can be pitched for submission.

NETWORKING for continues engagement and exchange of contact details with divers’ film makers all over the world.

FAITH AND FAMILY FILM INTERCHANGE called F3 Interchange – an engaging open hall discussion of current trends in Christian films industry featuring highly seasoned leaders and mentors in the industry.

SPECIAL PREMIERES of nominated films of all genres. – Submit your movies for the chance to be nominated for special premieres during the festival and awards.


OCT 15TH TO 19TH 2024 (5DAYS)

1. Physical Location:- The King’s Palace Auditorium, Katy Texas. 5371 East 5th Street, Katy TX 77493
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